User guide

How to attach the BaXboard

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Fix the BaXboard on the drum hoop with the
blue squarehead screw facing upwards.
Tighten the screw using a drum key (clockwise) or use the rotary tightening knob (counter-
Fix the BaXboard on a cylindrical stand in
a tilted position so that it can be tightened
easily with a drum key or by hand. It can
rotate 360° thanks to its double axis mount.
On electronic drums, the BaXboard can be
fixed on the cymbal stands, one of the Tom
stands or an external holding rod. Note: The
diameter of the drum rack might be too large
for optimal fixing of the BaXboard.
It also works on a microphone stand. Use a
drum key to ensure good tightening.

How to attach the extensions

The extension supplied with the kit can be inserted into any one of the three sides of the BaXboard. It is possible to attach up to three extensions.

The BaXboard can support up to 1.8 kg. Not suitable for a computer.