“5 Amazing Things Musicians Should Know About NBO BaXboard ”

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The landscape of music has been steadily changing in the past few years. Due to the advent of technology, it has been noticed that instruments have started to become more and more digital. This is because such technology provides musicians with a lot of musical convenience and variety, among other benefits. You may find such modern instruments in a music store Walnut Creek. Such benefits are helpful if a musician is to stand out and fulfill their musical vision in such a competitive landscape. As a result, it helps to consider the latest innovations in music and technology.

 One such innovation is the BaXboard that we created at NBO. The BaXboard will ensure that you can fulfill all your musical goals with ease, whether as an amateur or a professional. This is because it ensures that everything you need is within reach. Don't believe us? Keep reading to discover the amazing things about this product that will change your life as a musician.

 Without further delay, let's dive into it.

 1. You can literally adjust it anywhere and however you want it.

Yes, you heard us right. Anywhere and however you want! This is courtesy of the 360-degree adjustable clamp that the BaXboard comes with. You can mount it anywhere using the blue square-headed screw facing up. By anywhere, we mean anywhere, whether it be on your acoustic or electronic drums, cymbal stands, or even your microphone stands. Additionally, the two rotation axes on the adjustable clamp ensure that you can rotate the BaXboard to any angle. This can be very convenient for your recording sessions, whether you perform them standing, sitting or both.

 2. It is made with solid and durable products that will last a lifetime.

You may find that many musical products recently are made with cheap plastics and materials that break so easily. This can take quite a toll on your wallet, especially for amateur musicians who cannot afford to keep buying such products to make great music. We understand these frustrations and made sure to create a product that lasts. This is why we used only the most robust materials like titanium and steel when creating the BaXboard. This makes the overall product strong (weighing 1.4kg) and stable. This helps prevent vibrations which can be very annoying when creating music or in a recording session. Rest assured that the BaXboard will be able to last a lifetime.

 3. It is a product created by a musician for musicians.

Often, many companies create products for musicians and miss their mark. This is because they consider their products purely from a commercial point of view without fully understanding musicians' needs. As a result, the product will not be entirely satisfactory. However, the BaXboard was created by a Swiss drummer alongside engineers and was entirely self-financed. We launched during the coronavirus, a pandemic that impacted many musicians. As a result, we made this product to satisfy all their needs during such a turbulent time. In essence, the BaXboard will ensure that you can create your best work without affecting you physically.

 4. It is ideal for holding anything you may need when creating music.

The BaXboard is a multipurpose accessory and modular stand that holds anything you need while recording your music. It ensures that everything is within your reach without you having to constantly get up and stretch yourself, which can hurt your back. This can be anything from your phone, sheet music, drums, controllers, drumsticks, small glass, you name it. It can even hold a computer, although we do not recommend this due to its dimensions. The new version of this accessory can hold up to 3 kgs!

 5. It has been developed and supported by some of the biggest European influencers.

Many artists and influencers have backed the BaXboard. This includes personalities you may have heard of, like Jean-Philippe Fanfant, Wikidrummer, Claus Hessler, Paul Mason, and Michael Schack. These artists have said positive things about the BaXboard, with many finding it a handy and practical accessory. In particular, many drummers have found it useful for its flexibility and convenience. For example, Kyle Radomsky found it helpful in all kinds of drumming scenarios. If you are looking for more testimonials from artists, consider visiting https://nbo-official.com/pages/nbo-artists.


The music landscape has evolved steadily and has shifted towards the latest technology and digital innovations. This is because such innovation provinces musicians with much more variety and allows them to create quality music conveniently. One such innovative technology is the BaXboard provided by NBO. This product ensures that anything you need during your music-creating process is within your reach. This will allow you to create quality work, whether you are an amateur or professional music creator. We have provided you with five amazing things musicians should know about the BaXboard. We hope this article proves insightful and assists you in your musical process. Good luck!