About the NBO Oneboard

It allows you to practice ergonomically without contorting yourself while keeping your essentials within reach. The NBO Oneboard is designed to improve your practice and is adapted to
all amateur and professional musicians as well as creators. 

Control your computer remotely, place your phone or your tablet, hang your scores, your setlist, place your controllers, install your mixer, your small percussions, and much more...

Versatile and innovative, it is compatible with all acoustic and electronic drums, as well as microphone stands and 1/4'' or 3/8'' threads. Attach it anywhere and in any position!

Yes, if you already own the main table from the first version (purchased until 2023), you can insert all the Oneboard accessories.

You can find this information in the product page.

Yes, with Ipad mini to Ipad pro.
You can see more details in the manual page.

It can support up to 3 kg. The NBO Oneboard weighs 1.2 kg. It is made of strong and durable steel.

Nathan Bonjour, a professional drummer in Switzerland, created and developed the NBO Oneboard during COVID, when he could no longer play. 

He created it in partnership with VF Ingénierie, Swiss engineers.

Shipping Policy

NBO makes its best efforts to ensure that the products ordered are shipped as quickly as possible. For the pre-sales taking place from May to June 2024, the delivery is expected between the end of June and early July.

Delivery costs vary depending on your country.
They will be indicated once you have added the product to your basket.

Yes, you can pre-order it on this website in Switzerland, Europe and USA

Please contact us on our mailing adresse to get more information on the countries availabilities:

Returns and exchanges

Yes, the warranty is 2 years, in the event of a manufacturing problem. 

It does not cover breakage linked to a fall or misuse.

Yes, you can return your order within 30 days of receipt, to the shipping address indicated on your package. Your payment will be refunded, but the return delivery costs will be your responsibility, if the product does not present any defects.