NBO Artistes

Jean-Philippe Fanfant

Nouvelle Star, The Voice, Sting, Julien Clerc, Christophe Maé, Louis Bertignac, Maxime le Forestier

What I think of the NBO Oneboard: Very useful, Very practical, Very easy to install. I no longer part with it; In short, essential!!!

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Stanley Randolph

Stevie Wonder, New Kids On The Block, Christina Aguilera, The Jacksons

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Arthur Dubois

Session / Independant, ARTH.., content creator

The Oneboard is a multi-tasking accessory that I use every day which reflects what I love: creativity and quality. I use it to control my computer or place my controllers, keys and percussions. Each musician can draw on the creativity of this object to develop their musical personality. I highly recommend it !

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Loic Pontieux

Patrick Bruel, The Voice, Florent Pagny, Éric Serra, Mylene Farmer, Didier Lockwood, Claude Nougaro,...

The Oneboard, the latest addition to my The Voice kit. Essential when you have things to write down on your scores or put your phone, your pens, your mouse on it. The NBO BaXboard, the tablet that fits almost anywhere and in every way!

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Pierre Lucbert

N'Oubliez Pas Les Paroles, Taratata (Bob Sinclar, Zucchero, Patrick Bruel, Pascal Obispo, Zazie, Matthieu Chedid, Véronique Sanson...)

I integrated the Oneboard into my N’Oubliez Pas Les Paroles kit. I was seduced by its solidity and adaptability. All my accessories are within reach, the Oneboard makes my life easier on long days of TV filming.

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Miguel Lamas

🥁 Session drummer | touring | 🏆x1 Latin Grammy Winner 🏅x3 Latin Grammy Nominated

This new tool is very useful for studio drummers like me, who need to use the mouse while playing drums and never have anywhere to place it!

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Wiktoria Bialic

Ralph Kaminski, clinician

Practical, stable and mega ! You must have this !!!

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Stephane Avellaneda

Rosaway, Ana Popovic, TOP 5 blues drummer by the Drummies award 2015

Nothing better for placing and organizing my accessories, on stage, in session and even when working on the pad!

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Olivier Baldissera

Anggun, David Hallyday, Jean-Baptiste Guégan,Studio Drum In The Box

I use Oneboard to control my iMac remotely in my studio. It allows me to put down the keyboard and mouse whereas I used a flipped desk before. Thank you for this innovation!

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Jas Kayser

Jorja Smith, Alfa Mist, Jas & Chums

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Christian Grassart

Norbert Krief, Patrick Rondat, Clinicien, Démonstrateur officiel France Gewa G9

The finally real essential for drummers, modular and easy to transport, guaranteed quality in steel and titanium!

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Claus Hessler

Drums with FLUX, Int. Educator, Author, Clinician

I am actually surprised that a device like this has not been around before. Very flexible for a variety of different things from sticks, to smartphone to tablets … and believe it or not: even real paper. Plus, it does not require an extra stand or a lot of space. Thumbs up big time!

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Kyle Radomsky

Drumeo Community Manager

I'm a pretty active gigging drummer who plays in all kinds of different scenarios, and this would simplify a few solutions I have currently to do some of these tasks.

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Michael Schack

Drumeo Coach / FATKICK Rec.

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Paul Mason

Natalie Imbruglia, Paul Young, Lionel Richie, Anastasia

A great idea! I've found it useful in a wide range of applications, whether I'm in my studio on gigs or doing theatre work

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Romain Bachelard

Pascal Obispo, Superbus

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Davy Honnet

Robben Ford, M.Pokora, Jain, Jenifer, Axel Bauer, Eddy Louiss

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Dave Kobrehel

Independent, JazzDrummerWorld magazine

What a cool Tool for Drummers ! You can place all this small and helpful Tools, that a Drummer need. Or its also fantastic for Sheets, Brushes and much more.

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Julien Botas

Amir, Vitaa, Les Frangines, Lou

A great, well-thought-out tool that will make you more efficient, that’s undeniable!

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Mathieu Bonaddio

Lisa Dann, Tonton David, RIC - Roots Intension Crew

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Hervé Chiquet

iZi Drumming, Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo, Testeur matériel Batterie Magazine, AMAN, The Crazy Beatles Tribute

For me who plays with very different setups depending on the groups, the Oneboard always finds its place. Its metal design makes it a durable element and its modularity allows you to install all types of accessories such as telephones, shakers, brooms, without forgetting partitions. Once adopted, you can no longer do without it. A real plus on the kit. Thank you Nathan & NBO for this real innovation!

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Carlo Ribaux

Session Drummer, Victory Kid

I‘m using the Oneboard anytime I need a place for my percussion instruments, my drum key, phone, wallet, or my sticks. It‘s perfect!

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JP Motte

Star Academy, Thomas fersen, Zaz, Olivia Ruiz, Kids United

Everything is at your fingertips with the NBO Oneboard; this super practical tablet that fits anywhere on the kit!

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Stee Gfeller

ZIBBZ, Gölä, Producer, live/session drummer

The Oneboard is your perfect buddy at the gig! it carries all your necessary items as your shaker, drum key, brushes, controllers, computer mouse,… even your beer !

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Ryan Sanarich

Brit Floyd, session musician, producer

The Oneboard has become the handiest utility item in my music work flow. I've used one on tour as a tray for important percussion items, and at home I've used it for multiple purposes in my studio: On my floor tom, at my recording desk, on keyboards, in my bass station- it seems to have tons of uses. For all musicians: This is a product that you didn't know that you needed!

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Mariusz Mocarski

Session / Educator, Gewa Digital Drums Specialist, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music

Oneboard by NBO - I really like the possibilities and the look !!

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Gabi Vigroux

Chimène Badi, Joyce Johnathan, Marc Lavoine, Natasha St-Pier

I use the NBO Oneboared for absolutely EVERYTHING! My drumsticks, my scores, my Ipad, my mouse, my keys, to place my drinks, etc... It has become a daily tool that I recommend to all musicians, which can be hung anywhere, easy to transport and very robust.

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Eric Thievon

Live and session drummer, I.Prowse, J.Wood, NVHorn, Little Bob, Nono, Greg Zlap

The NBO Oneboard tablet has now established itself as the essential accessory for all drummers

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Arthur Hnatek

Tigran Hamasyan, Erik Truffaz, SWIMS

Congratulations to Nathan and his Oneboard. The construction of the product is excellent and it is very easy to use. I particularly appreciate the ingenious way in which the clamp allows you to rotate and orient the surface where you want.

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