NBO Angled extension
NBO Angled extension

NBO Angled extension

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  • Swiss01

    Swiss Engineering

  • Hammer

    Steel Construction

  • Weight_01

    Only 175g

  • Gear

    Ergonomic angle

  • Weight

    Notch for cable

  • Warranty

    2 Years Warranty

Expected Delivery - June / early July | AVAILABLE IN SWITZERLAND, EUROPE AND USA
• Made of steel

• Notch for clean cable management or charging the phone

• Convenient ergonomic angle for smartphones, metronomes, controllers and more

• Fix it on either 3 sides of the Oneboard
• Rubber grip to secure your items


Drummers, keep essentials nearby without strain. The Oneboard holds sticks, metronome, phone, tablet, keys, setlist, and drink. Compatible with all drums, it mounts easily on hoops, stands, or rods. Rotates effortlessly in any setup, offering sturdy, stable support with zero vibrations.


Efficient workflow means having tools within reach. Oneboard connects to universal items like articulated arms, desk clamps, and microphone stands. Keep mouse, stream deck, mixer, headphones, tablet, phone, and controllers nearby for seamless interaction with your computer. Organize for optimal efficiency.


The versatile Oneboard mounts easily on any tube, from microphone stands to music stands. Consolidate all your tools onto one device: plectrums, headphones, tablet, phone, scores, and pens are within easy reach. Access the content of your tablet instantly via a dedicated Oneboard accessory.
Super praktisch, mit dem Handy, super flexibel!

Roman Bochsler

I find that the quality and the solidity linked to the steel completely justify the price. I use it every time I play, I put my headphones, my phone with the metronome, my sticks,... Finally, everything I need to learn faster and more comfortably!

Typhaine Beguin


What a cool Tool for Drummers. You can place all this small and helpful Tools, that a Drummer need. Or its also fantastic for Sheets, Brushes and much more!

Dave Kobrehel

There's no better way to set up and organize my props, on stage, in session and even when I'm working at the pad!

Stephane Avelladena

" am actually surprised that a device like this has not been around before. Very flexible for a variety of different things from sticks, to smartphone to tablets ... and believe it or not: even real paper. Plus, it does not require an extra stand or a lot of space. Thumbs up big time!

Claus Hessler